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Dedicated Executive Search Services

Pace Consulting Group provides strategic searches to match seasoned professionals with your business. We work with a number of engineering and construction industries and can competently solve your engineer design staffing needs.


With our engineering design staffing service, we place industry-specific and specialized talent for our qualifying clients. Through our careful processes, attention to detail, and special emphasis, we are able to match top talent and skillsets to the right employers. Let us use our database of professionals to save you time and money as we find the right employee fit for you.

Understanding Your Costs of Living


from Region to Region


Comprehensive Business Planning Approach

Pace Consulting Group employs a team of talented and hardworking professionals dedicated to providing our clients with the resources and tools they need for industry success. To do this, we provide a number of services including:


  • Engineer design staffing
  • HR sourcing and placement
  • Marketing campaign launches
  • Social media makeovers
  • Workforce expansion
  • Construction recruiting


Let our qualified team optimize your business so that it is operating at maximum efficiency and ability to grow. We are here to provide valuable services for our partners and to see them succeed. If you have a business problem, we have a solution for you. Our team is dedicated to helping our partners through our unique qualifications, experience, and knowledge.

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Pace Consulting Group partners with engineers, construction contractors, and industry-related entrepreneurs to optimize our partners’ and clients’ marketing practices. Through this partnership, we are able to offer tools and strategies that help our partners effectively reach their target audience and gain exposure.


If you’re ready to experience the tailored services of Pace Consulting Group so you can utilize our engineering design staffing or construction recruiting service, launch your marketing campaign, or otherwise help your business succeed and grow, give our team a call at 949.229.2284 or send us a message through our contact form.

“This was our first time using Pace Consulting Group to hire staff and we were pleasantly surprised with the results.  They very quickly understood exactly what we were looking for and sent several very qualified individuals along almost immediately.  David lined up the interviews, followed up with us, and we ended up hiring a candidate he sent along.  We appreciated how easy the process was from start to finish.”
Sean, Vice President of Construction, Orlando, FL
"I stumbled across PCG’s website after hearing from a co-worker that they were looking to fill a Superintendent role in Austin, TX.  I applied for the position and shortly after received a phone call from one of their recruiters.  Three days later I had an interview and shortly after received a great job offer.  Thanks for all your hard work.”
Trey, Sr. Superintendent, Austin, TX
"I’ve worked with Pace Consulting Group on several projects across the country and they have always been extremely professional in their delivery.  Great communication throughout the entire process and very high quality candidates.  Highly recommended."
John, Director of Construction, Salt Lake City, UT