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Our Approach

Pace Consulting Group’s Executive Search practice focuses on placing industry-specific, specialized talent for our qualifying clients nation-wide.  We place special emphasis on matching the talents and skillsets of our candidates to the employers who are searching for top talent.  This process begins with partnering with companies, both large and small, to discover what their needs are and how we can assist them in fulfilling those needs.  For many clients, their needs are speed and efficiency making our role the delivery of exceptional talent as quickly as possible.  For other clients their needs are more nuanced.  Often these clients will be searching for the very best talent and are sometimes willing to wait months before they add to their team.  Regardless of our client’s specific business needs, PCG’s role is to ensure that we deliver exceptional value.


In order to ensure that we deliver exceptional value Pace Consulting Group prizes three specific qualities: state of the art technology, industry expertise, and process.  In order to maximize the efficiency of our practice, to ensure that our clients are seeing results quickly, we utilize the most state of the art search practices.  We search from every platform and every company to ensure that our clients are getting the very best.  This state of the art technology is a compliment to our ability to value engineer through industry insight and expertise.  Knowing where to look, whom to speak with, and what our candidates know and value is as important to us as salary requirements and benefits.  Lastly, we prize process.  By continually developing new relationships and fostering pre-existing ones, our processes ensure that the quality of what we do is industry-leading.

What’s the Market Value of Your Role?

David Perry

Managing Director

After graduating from California State University, Fullerton in 2009, David became actively involved in the professional world with stints in the construction industry, financial services, the energy sector, and, most importantly, in the human resources field.  The one key insight that he learned during his time in these industries is that individuals make up organizations, and that for an organization to operate at its fullest potential, these individuals must work in synchrony with each other.  It was this passion for individuals and for business building more generally that lead to the creation of Pace Consulting Group.  Although he manages Pace Consulting Group and its relationships to its various venders, David also runs a full desk, which includes nationwide clientele and active business development efforts.  He is a native of Southern California which is where he currently resides.  When he is not managing PCG he can be found outdoors, either training for his next endurance race or surfing at one of his local Southern California beaches.

“This was our first time using Pace Consulting Group to hire staff and we were pleasantly surprised with the results.  They very quickly understood exactly what we were looking for and sent several very qualified individuals along almost immediately.  David lined up the interviews, followed up with us, and we ended up hiring a candidate he sent along.  We appreciated how easy the process was from start to finish.”
Sean, Vice President of Construction, Orlando, FL
"I stumbled across PCG’s website after hearing from a co-worker that they were looking to fill a Superintendent role in Austin, TX.  I applied for the position and shortly after received a phone call from one of their recruiters.  Three days later I had an interview and shortly after received a great job offer.  Thanks for all your hard work.”
Trey, Sr. Superintendent, Austin, TX
"I’ve worked with Pace Consulting Group on several projects across the country and they have always been extremely professional in their delivery.  Great communication throughout the entire process and very high quality candidates.  Highly recommended."
John, Director of Construction, Salt Lake City, UT